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Endless Benefits

Why massage therapy?

Massage therapy has been viewed as a luxury for many years, but did you know that massage therapy dates back to 2500 BC as a traditional Chinese medicine practice? Massage therapy was used to target acupressure points and meridian lines throughout your body, thus stimulating the “Qi,” which was believed to be the essence of life in traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional practitioners believed when “Qi” was allowed to flow freely through your body, you were in good health.

We now know today that massage therapy can have many positive benefits that keep your body and mind healthy. These benefits include relieving stress, reducing insomnia, aiding poor digestion, and reducing menstrual and muscle pains. Furthermore, massage therapy restores the circulation of oxygen throughout your body. Since the percentage of oxygen in the air has decreased over the past century (from 32% to 19%), this service is essential to keep you healthy.

Massage therapy uses a targeted approach by listening to the aches and pains of your body. When you trust our professionals to relieve your most painful stressors, we will always provide you with the best services.

What is reflexology?

At New Canaan Massage, we believe that using reflexology, which is the application of appropriate pressure to specific points on your hands, feet or ears, can relieve pains in your organs and body that correlate to areas on your feet. 

According to traditional Chinese medicine practices, we know that feet are similar to the root of a tree. Since the tree dies from its roots, the same can be said of humans.

We believe that the health of your organs is reflected on the bottom of your feet. That is where reflexology comes in. Our professionals will target certain places on your feet that will stimulate your body in a healthy way, and even increase blood circulation, too. You’ll be amazed by the benefits and results from these massages. 

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